21 November 2009

Here are some highlights on what happened on 21 November 2009! If you've read our blog or emails from UoN Alumni Office, yes, it was a talk by Associate Professor Amir Mahmood and followed by AGM.

The topic presented has brought us to the insight of global recession and the impact to Malaysia economy. It was interesting to know how the spiral effect on global financial melt down could impact Malaysia directly and indirectly to some industries. Prof. Amir has touched issues such as the causes of financial crisis; risk to banks, consumers and investors; credit squeeze; confidence level on households and businesses; spending power; declining on commodities price; and world output and econimic growth. With all these, he has brought into some statistics from Malaysia perspectives, which showed some comparative figures on the changed and improved industries in Malaysia. Also, he highlighted on the certain measures that has been implemented by Malaysia government to curb with this global issue.

If you did not attend this session, you must have missing something that was valuable and interesting presentation from UoN!

If you wish to contact Prof. Amir, you can send an email at Amir.Mahmood@newcastle.edu.au

After the talk, the Chapter proceeded with AGM. As the elected President and Honorary Secretary in the last EGM ie 25 November 2008, had resigned due to work committment. Therefore, the vacant positions have to be replaced with an election in this AGM. The elected new committees are:

President: Vincent Tiew Soon Thung
Vice President: Nicole Lim Sui Yee
Honorary Secretary: Jessica Yim Lye Lye

On the Chapter membership status, the total members as at 20 November 2009 was 59, ie 15 life members and 44 ordinary members.

On activities done for 2009, all have been uploaded in this blog and what is going to take place in 2010, don't forget to log on to this blog next month to see all the line up in "Coming Events".

Prof. Amir has expressed his great support for the alumni. He supported one of the proposed activities ie campus tour where he suggested a workshop to be held in UoN campus. His faculty will support and fund for this workshop. If you want to attend, remember to check it out the details with us.

With all these, the day has well ended!

Professor Amir Mahmood

Picture of some members for the AGM

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